All-Natural Soap // Citrus + Lavender + Spirulina

All-Natural Soap // Citrus + Lavender + Spirulina

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"No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"

Yep…exactly the way you’re supposed to feel at the beach…no problems. And with the skin-softening benefits of this sea clay and spirulina bar, you might even be tempted to try the ‘no shirt’ part of the song. Or maybe not…no pressure. But whether you go shoeless, shirtless or opt for fully-dressed, your skin will love you for choosing this moisturizingbar. 5-6oz

*HTC Soap Co. cannot be held responsible for acts of nudity arising from use of this awesome bar.


Saponified Olive, Coconut Oils, Distilled Water, Pacific Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Sea Clay, Spirulina, Oxides/Ultramarines (natural/nature-identical colors)